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General Information

Address 1775 Windsor Road Teaneck, NJ 07666

Email info@wowbutterfly.com

Phone 201.833.4650

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   Exhibits area
In the exhibits area, you will have a chance to see butterfly exhibitions and all different live animals such as reptiles, insects, lizards, too!

Butterfly Atrium

Explore a tropical oasis of flowers and waterfalls with hundreds of living butterflies from around the world in World of Wing’s glass atrium.  The atrium houses tropical plants and trees, including nectar flowers to support many different species of Lepidoptera.  Guests can stroll along the winding path and relax to the sounds of cascading waterfalls and chirping birds year-round. Inside the atrium, staff members help visitors understand various butterfly behaviors they witness during their visit.

No stroller! Strollers are allowed only for child under 2 years old. 

Strollers are NOT allowed in the Butterfly Atrium and Soft Play area.

We are closed on every Monday & Tuesday 
Atrium closes at 6:00PM

Please call Chris for a Field Trip Tour
Chris : 201-833-4650 Ext. 2023

Please call for a Birthday Party Tour
Tina : 201-833-4650 Ext. 3003
James :201-833-4650 Ext. 2027